Assisted Living

ARMEL, Inc. is a private consulting firm which provides information, referral, counseling and care management to families needing assistance with locating, arranging and managing medical, residential, and mental health care for themselves or a family member. Services are tailored for each individual and include options and costs of resources available in the community.

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ARMEL, Inc. strives to maintain and enhance the ability of families to make their own decisions.  Many families require only minimal assistance in order to make informed decisions. Others request that we become their “management consultant” by continuing the process of planning, implementing and monitoring of care for their families. ARMEL, Inc. is flexible and cost conscious in its approach to your circumstances.

ARMEL, Inc. has a staff with a broad range of expertise and experience. The team work among the clinical staff, consisting of social workers and paraprofessionals, provides a depth in care planning. Families are relieved to know that ARMEL, Inc. helps them plan and is available in case of emergencies 24/7.